Ordering Medicine Online: How to Buy Medications Safely

The United States is experiencing a rapidly aging population. In 2019, more than 56 million Americans were senior citizens. Aging increases the risk for many chronic and degenerative diseases, leading to an increased demand for prescription medications to treat a variety of health conditions. On average, Americans over the age of 45 consume four prescription medications per day. Taking multiple prescription drugs daily makes healthcare unaffordable for many Americans.

Many Americans cut pills, skip doses, or don’t take their medications as prescribed because they cost too much. A survey conducted by PawnGuru in 2020 found that 44 percent of Americans did not buy a medically necessary prescription drug in the past year because they could not afford it. Other Americans look abroad to obtain lower-cost medications. Along with crossing into Canada and Mexico, an increasing number of Americans are ordering medicine online from overseas pharmacies to obtain more affordable life-saving medications.

Can You Buy Medicine Online?

The growth of e-commerce has led to countless online pharmacies that offer prescription medications for a fraction of the cost of what Americans pay at their local drug stores. These pharmacies are able to offer lower-cost medications because they’re based overseas. The United States has the highest prescription drug costs in the world. Americans pay nearly three times more for the same prescription drug than people in other developed, high-income countries.

Ordering medicine online from legitimate overseas pharmacies is a great option to obtain more affordable, authentic medication. But many Americans wonder if it’s safe to order medicine from websites based in foreign countries. Federal laws in the United States do prohibit the importation of large quantities of medications from abroad. But Americans can legally import prescription drugs from foreign countries or overseas internet pharmacies for personal consumption, so long as they follow those federal regulations in the process. We’ll review those guidelines next.

Prescription Medication Importation

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Importing Medicines Legally

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the import and sale of medications in American jurisdictions. The FDA does make some exceptions to its medicine importation laws. FDA’s personal importation laws allow Americans to order medicine safely from websites in certain circumstances. You can buy medicine online from overseas internet pharmacies if:

  • The medicine is to be used for treating a serious health condition for which there is no effective treatment within the US
  • The medicine should not be resold or promoted to US residents
  • The drug does not pose an unreasonable health risk
  • The individual importing the drug verifies in writing that the medicine is strictly for personal use
  • The medication being imported should be no more than a 3-month supply

In layman’s terms, the FDA allows people to import medications from foreign countries if it is intended for personal use and its quantity does not exceed a 3-month prescription. This means you can buy medicine online from overseas virtual pharmacies if it’s only for a 90-day supply. You can order medicine online safely if you follow these guidelines; any online pharmacy that encourages you to order more than what is permitted by law should be called into question.

How to Order Medicine From Websites Safely

Many people, often enticed by discount offers, make the mistake of ordering large quantities of medications to save more money. Others buy a 6-month or 1-year supply to reduce postage and shipping costs. Buying more than a 90-day supply is not a smart solution for reducing healthcare costs as it will lead to legal issues.

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To save money on medication and stay compliant with federal importation laws, do not order medicine online for more than a 90-day prescription. Many legal internet pharmacies like Inhouse Pharmacy offer free worldwide shipping so our customers don’t have to worry about postage costs. You can place quick and convenient orders on our website every three months and have the medication shipped efficiently to your doorstep: you’re not saving money by trying to order more!

Buy Medicine Online Safely From Inhouse Pharmacy

Established in 1996, we are one of the longest-standing government-regulated online pharmacies in the business. We owe our legal business’s longevity to complying with all pharmaceutical safety and import/export laws in both host and destination countries so our customers can get access to quality and affordable medications.

You can buy medicine online safely from Inhouse Pharmacy, stress free. If you need help with your order, you can contact us at 877-271-6591 or 800-868-9064 to ask for more information. Order medicine online safely from Inhouse Pharmacy to live a healthier life, more affordably.