The High Costs of Health in the US

Americans are all too aware of just how high healthcare costs are in the country. However, fewer may know about the factors that are contributing to these rising prices. If you’re not only tired of the high costs of healthcare but want to know the reasoning so you can find solutions, let’s examine the driving focus behind the high cost of prescription drugs in the US and beyond. 

The Complex US Healthcare System and the Price of Running It

The healthcare system is by no means a simple one. Consumers have to choose from multiple healthcare coverage options, determine which healthcare facilities will provide them with affordable, high-quality treatment, deal with insurance terms, and so on. 

Because there are so many hoops to jump through in this established system, all of the administrative costs and fees begin to reflect in our bills, adding up and costing us thousands upon thousands of dollars in the process. Until systems are streamlined, this problem will continue to influence the high cost of prescription drugs in the US and the services that we rely on to improve our health. 

Big Business and a For-Profit Healthcare System

In the United States, healthcare is big business. It’s driven by profits.  In most other countries, healthcare costs much less because commercial healthcare institutions have to compete with lower-cost, government-funded hospitals, specialists, and medicine. 

In the United States, the market is unregulated, which allows companies to set their own prices based on what they think they should be charging. This is why the average cost of prescription drugs in the US is so high (with many paying around $1,200 a year or tens of thousands if they have a chronic illness like cancer). Without government intervention (which is arguably among the best solutions to the rising costs of prescription drugs and healthcare), a for-profit healthcare system will continue to charge whatever they want and justify the high cost of prescription drugs in the US for reasons like research or administration. 

Pharmaceutical Companies Can Simply Charge As Much As They Like

The high cost of prescription drugs in the US is due to the fact that pharmaceutical companies can charge as much as they wish. Unfortunately, those who require certain medications to manage chronic illnesses are often affected the most, with cancer medications costing tens of thousands of dollars per month (and, sometimes, not covered by health insurance). Until there are more regulatory policies in place, the cost of medication is likely to get higher as more research and development goes into various products. Without high prices to entice investors, companies wouldn’t be able to function as they do now. 

Services Are Charged Individually, Resulting in Much Higher Bills

Hospitals will often charge for services individually, and these individual services can be far more expensive here in the US than they are anywhere else. Let’s imagine that you needed to get an MRI. Here in the US, an MRI will cost you around $1,145 for a scan. Does it cost that much in other countries? Absolutely not! In fact, this same service in countries like Australia and the Netherlands would cost you $350 and $461, respectively. This then extends to the high cost of prescription drugs in the US as well. When prices are high in one area of healthcare, they tend to be high everywhere else. 

The Solution to Rising Healthcare Costs on Prescriptions

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